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1st Generation Family-Owned Farm

Marlbrough Farms is owned by Jamie Marlbrough. She is a first generation female farm owner.  Jamie was a San Joaquin valley girl that married a down the bayou boy.  Together they have four children, JuliAnne, Jacob, Darryl and Danika. All four children live on the farm. Jamie spent many years as an at home mom and everything she has done has always been for her family.  She grew up with knowing the importance of agriculture and the knowledge to have a garden. After the pandemic food shortages and the price of food on the rise she knew it was time to start farming her land.   

About Marlbrough Farms

Marlbrough Farms is located in Lockport, LA.  We offer pasture raised eggs, seasonal vegetables and more. We are committed to keeping prices of eggs, produce and anything the farm offers affordable. We aspire to grow the farm to include agriculture tourism, to teach children where food comes from and provide hands on experiences that can enable them to become farmers. We also hope to empower children and our community with the knowledge to grow their own food to fight food insecurity.


100% Pasture Raised & GMO FREE

Pasture raised is when your birds have room to roam. They are not confined and have at minimum of 70-108 square feet per bird. Pasture raised is considered the Gold Standard of meat and eggs.  It has been shown that pasture raised eggs and birds have 3x the amount of omega 3, 50% more vitamin A,D, and E and they have 21% less fat. All of the hens at Marlbrough Farms are free to roam the entire farm.  

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